Covid-19 Community Support And Mutual Aid

Will Offley

Mar. 18, 2020

Just since Friday a number of community mutual aid and support groups have sprung up on Facebook, allowing people in need of support to ask for it and for others to connect with them and supply the things or services that are needed.  If you have the time and the energy to join in, please hook up with the group in your neighbourhood.  If you can’t because you are fully engaged with the demands on you from work, encourage your family and friends to get involved.

This crisis presents us with a huge challenge, but it comes with a great opportunity as well ­ radically reshaping our communities’ relations with one another and building bonds of unity and support that haven’t existed before.  Let’s take full advantage of that opportunity.


Victoria (6,899 members) ­ Covid-19 Coming Together (Victoria/Lekwungun and Wsanec Lands)

Tricities (1,737) ­ Covid-19 Coming Together (Tri-Cities, BC)

Surrey (?) ­ BC Coronavirus Mutual Aid

Nanaimo/Lantzvile (232) ­ Covid-19 Coming Together Nanaimo/Snuneymuxw & Lantzville/Snaw-naw-as

East Vancouver (656) --  Covid-19 Community Support East Vancouver

West Vancouver (43) ­ Covid-19 Coming Together West Vancouver

Kitsilano (134) ­ Kitsilano Cares: Covid-19 Community Support

Squamish (111) ­ Covid-19 Coming Together (Squamish)

Vancouver (19,806) ­ Covid-19 Coming Together (Vancouver)

Vancouver (204) ­ BC Metro Vancouver ­ Covid-19 Community Support

Kelowna (168) ­ Covid-19 Coming Together (Kelowna/Silyx Territory)

North Vancouver (762) ­ Covid-19 Coming Together (North Vancouver)

Vancouver (4,841) ­ Metro Vancouver Support Group

Coquitlam (100) ­ Covid-19 Coming Together (Coquitlam, BC)

Vancouver (46) ­ Covid-19 Vancouver BC Canada News & Updates

Ridge Meadows (164) ­ Covid-19 (Ridge Meadows)