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"Growing numbers of people in Canada are seeking a forum for the development and promotion of policies and grass-root campaigns that are situated at the intersection of environmentalism and socialism. Canada needs a non-partisan, eco-socialist movement that is action-driven and offers comprehensive solutions for the social, economic, political and ecological challenges we face.

Green Left Canada will empower political and social voices and organizations to develop economic, political and social systems that support the livelihoods of all people, particularly equity-seeking groups, while respecting the limits of the earth’s carrying capacity and protecting the ecological diversity of our planet.

Green Left Canada invites all groups and individuals, regardless of affiliation, who share this vision and our core values, to discuss specific policies, promote them within existing structures (parties, labour organizations, student federations, other associations), lobby and pressure politicians to adopt our framework for change, and facilitate mutual support and organization at the local, regional and national levels


Who are we?

As eco-socialists, we are a part of a larger national and global movement that responds to the current intersection of multiple crises.

Green Left Canada emerges from the groundswell of opposition to neo-liberal systems that threaten the survival of the planet and democracy, and concentrate wealth in fewer and fewer hands. Those systems also undermine national autonomy and development, human and global health and peace, as well as social, racial and gender justice.

Replacing exploitative capitalist economic systems with ecosocialist solutions is the primary objective of our political activities.

We are guided by the fact that Canada is a settler-colonial state, and that any political, social and cultural movements that occur on this land must consistently reckon with, attend to, and re-imagine the oppressive legacies and structures of the colonial project. Our movement is not only responsive to these realities, but actively seeks to transform them in solidarity with the leadership of Indigenous groups.

Green Left Canada is building on the momentum generated during the Dimitri Lascaris 2020 campaign for the federal leadership of the Green Party of Canada"

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