UBCIC repudiates Harper government’s view and supports national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women


(Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver, BC) Recent media reports regarding the renewed calls for a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women quote Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt stating "if the guys grow up believing that women have no rights, that's how they are treated" and "It’s a question of people pulling together, addressing the issue, and taking action." More shockingly, Prime Minister Stephen Harper remarked “It isn't high on our radar, to be honest." 

In response, UBCIC President Grand Chief Stewart Phillip stated "These recent condescending, disgusting and racist comments greatly underscores the dire need for a national inquiry. The Harper Government must hear from the victims, the families who have mourned their loved ones, front-line organizations who can offer guidance and provincial agencies sharing their challenges. People must pull together in our communities, across the province and throughout the country in order to meaningfully address the real gaps in services and make long-lasting and definitive changes to end the violence against Indigenous girls and women. Prime Minister, the inquiry is very high on our radar.” 

UBCIC Vice President, Chief Bob Chamberlin declared “We must address and eliminate the critical and devastating issues of violence against Indigenous girls and women, intersecting, systemic and deeply rooted factors including poverty, colonialism, and racism must be examined. We remind you that in Canada, Indigenous women are five times more likely than other women to die as a result of violence. This is a national and international crisis. We absolutely refuse to accept the disinterest of the Harper Government’s stance on violence that many Indigenous girls and women heartbreakingly experience on a regular basis.”