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Jan 11, 2011 - It is one of the first laws of diplomacy: when it is hard to agree on an answer, change the question. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) schemes are the product of two of these diplomatic back-flips. 

Charlie Smith
Justin Trudeau played up his warm and fuzzy environmental credentials before the election, but it looks like he's alienating many conservationists with his government's support for the Site C dam.

North America has a serious problem with climate change. And the effects are being felt now.

It's apparent in the California drought, atmospheric rivers that have caused massive flooding in Toronto and Calgary, and the lengthening forest-fire season.

This year, parts of Fort McMurray burned down in early May. In May! Not July or August.

Mark Hume

British Columbia is facing droughts more severe than any in the past 350 years, according to new research that used tree ring data to reconstruct the coast climate back to the 17th century.

Baher Kamal
Education vital for healthy, productive ecosystems. One of UNEP’s goals within an integrated ecosystem management framework is to foster the capacity of professionals and develop human capacity across all social strata and genders. Credit: UNEP

CAIRO, Apr 21 2016 (IPS) - “Africa’s human existence and development is under threat from the adverse impacts of climate change – its population, ecosystems and unique biodiversity will all be the major victims of global climate change.”

Nika Knight

A wounded farmer is assisted by other demonstrators after Friday's mass shooting by security forces in the Philippines. (Photo: Kilab Multimedia)

Police and army forces shot at about 6,000 starving farmers and Lumad Indigenous people demonstrating for drought relief in the Philippines on Friday, ultimately killing 10. Observers characterized the security forces' action as "a strafing."

Stefania Barca

Any just transition to a green economy must take place on labor’s terms — not capital’s.

Climate change must be stopped. But who will do the stopping? Who, in other words, could be the political subject of an anticapitalist climate revolution?
George Monbiot

Cattle walk an arid landscape in Texas. ‘Holistic management’ claims to halt desertification while allowing the continued consumption of meat. Photograph: D.J. PETERS/AP


Allan Savory tells us that increasing livestock can reduce desertification and reverse climate change – but where is the scientific evidence?


The problem
Since the introduction of modern agriculture, the quality of Australia’s soils has dropped
dramatically. Inappropriate agricultural practices and methods have led to ongoing soil loss, salinity
and soil structure collapse across the country, threatening the viability of many rural communities,
and endanger Australia’s future food security.
In many areas, irrigation water is dangerously over-allocated, frequently wasteful and used on

John Quinton
Nature’s own carbon capture and storage. Matthias RippCC BY

October 5, 2015  -  French wine lovers have always taken their soil very seriously. But now the country’s government has introduced fresh reasons for the rest of the world to pay attention to their terroir.


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