'Alternative' energy and less energy

The Energy Mix
Behrat/Wikimedia Commons

Mar. 14, 2023

A Honolulu company is helping low-income families in Hawaii reduce energy costs while contributing to a more sustainable grid—by linking household water heaters to create a virtual power plant, effectively repurposing the ubiquitous appliances into grid batteries.

Andrew MacLeod
LNG Canada’s Kitimat project will reduce global emissions, say proponents. Critics say it will bring a big increase in its first few decades. Photo from LNG Canada.

Mar. 16, 2023

BC Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon says exporting more liquefied natural gas from British Columbia will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change.

But is he right?

Kai Nagata
A proposed gas pipeline in B.C. would run through the Skeena watershed. Photo by Brian Huntington / Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition

Mar. 9, 2023

B.C. Environment Minister George Heyman will soon decide the fate of Enbridge’s Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project — and possibly his government. First approved in 2014, the 48-inch pipeline would carry fracked gas across a complex patchwork of sovereign territories to a new LNG terminal on the coast.

Richard Heinberg
A parabolic solar cooker with segmented construction

Sane, logical article about a green transition. It mentions "systemic roadblocks" at one point, but fails to consider what is surely the largest--our dominant, global, for-profit, eternal-growth economic system.Which is not to argue that a post-capitalist system will make the green transition a piece of cake. Even with genuine democratic social and economic planning, we'll still need to "get better at using less."

            -- Gene McGuckin

Feb. 17, 2023

John Woodside
Death Spiral - Illustration by Ata Ojani

Feb. 22, 2023

Fossil fuel giant Enbridge faces the risk of a “death spiral” as the energy transition to renewables unfolds, according to evidence the company filed with the Ontario regulator. A death spiral could occur when customers, fed up with the increasing costs of gas, switch to cleaner and cheaper sources of energy.

Oliver Milman
Offshore oil and gas production in the Cook Inlet oilfield of Alaska. Photograph: PA Lawrence, LLC./Alamy

Feb. 9. 2023

Last year’s combined $200bn profit for the ‘big five’ oil and gas companies brings little hope of driving down emissions

While 2022 inflicted hardship upon many people around the world due to soaring inflation, climate-driven disasters and war, the year was lucrative on an unprecedented scale for the fossil fuel industry, with the five largest western oil and gas companies alone making a combined $200bn in profits.


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