'Alternative' energy and less energy

John Woodside & Natasha Bulowski
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland at the 2023 Budget. File photo by Natasha Bulowski

“At the end of the day, that’s still counting on the market … to build out these industries and then hoping the benefits trickle down to workers and to communities and to people,” he said. But Mertins-Kirkwood stressed the crux of the issue is time. “If we had 100 years to decarbonize, I’d say it’s better to take it slow and let the market figure it out, but every month counts right now.”

Nov. 21, 2023

Chris Pollon
Chris Pollon is dwarfed by the EV version of the Ford F-150 Lightning, which is not only big — it's heavy. Photo submitted

Nov. 17, 2023

North Americans love driving SUVs and big pickup trucks as passenger vehicles — a trend expected to continue as drivers replace their fossil-fuel rides with electrics. But is it possible to drive a big electric truck and be green at the same time?

In early November, I arranged to test drive a Ford F-150 Lightning — the EV version of North America’s bestselling pickup. Not because I need a truck, but to better understand the real cost of this behemoth on the world.

James Westman
Two men walk along a road in Scotch Creek, B.C., as wildfire smoke fills the air on Aug. 19, 2023. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

Nov. 16, 2023

While environmentalists are preparing for the COP28 climate summit in Dubai later this month, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is also meeting to discuss its next assessments of the state of global warming. 

After a record-shattering summer — with 2023 on pace to become the hottest year in recorded human history — one of the key decisions for the IPCC is whether to emphasize the prospect of runaway, irreversible global warming by issuing a special report on climate tipping points.

Peter Zimonjic
Jerry DeMarco, commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development's latest report, says Canada is set to miss its 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target. (Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)

Nov. 7, 2023

Liberal government set to miss 2030 emissions targets, says environment commissioner audit

'We found that the measures most critical for reducing emissions had not been identified or prioritized'

The federal government is set to miss its 2030 target to cut carbon emissions by at least 40 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, according to the latest audit from the commissioner of the environment's office.

Seth Borenstein
Mangroves grow in a recovered mangrove forest, once part of a garbage dump, in Duque de Caxias, Brazil, July 25, 2023. (AP Photo/Bruna Prado, File)

Nov. 14, 2023

The world is off track in its efforts to curb global warming in 41 of 42 important measurements and is even heading in the wrong direction in six crucial ways, a new international report calculates.

Barry Saxifrage
2030 image

Nov. 15, 2023

Canada still has eight years to achieve our 2030 climate target. But rising emissions over the last two years look like they've already pushed it out of reach. That’s because we are now at a point where each wasted year makes the remaining task overwhelmingly larger.

Have we already run out the clock on climate hope in Canada? Take a look at these five charts and decide for yourself.

The rising cost of delay

My first chart shows the rapidly steepening path to Canada’s 2030 climate target.

Tik Root
Lawn equipment spews ‘shocking’ amount of air pollution. Photo by Seattle Parks and Recreation/Flickr (CC BY 2.0 Deed)

Nov. 15, 2023

This story was originally published by Grist and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Lawn-care equipment — leaf-blowers, lawnmowers and the like — doesn’t top most people’s lists of climate priorities. But a new report documents how, in aggregate, lawn care is a major source of U.S. air pollution.


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