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‘Every single person that could, helped someone,’ recalls Michele Feist, who escaped a burning Lytton amidst a heat dome’s record-shattering temperatures. In this series you will meet Feist and more than a dozen more climate disaster survivors. Photo by Philip McLachlan.

Apr. 3, 2023

Bracing for Disasters

Climate calamities will increase in BC. What can we learn from survivors? What must be done to help evacuees and save lives? A special Tyee series.

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Ian Bailey, The Globe and Mail
File photo. Premier John Horgan makes an announcement about oil and gas royalties at the B.C. legislature in Victoria on Thursday, May 19, 2022. Government of B.C.

Apr. 1, 2023

John Horgan is joining the board of Elk Valley Resources, an enterprise that is in the process of being spun off from Vancouver-based Teck Resources

Former British Columbia premier John Horgan is taking a job in the coal industry, and says he is not worried about the criticism the move may draw.

Nicola Jones
Seaweed farmers harvest sugar kelp from a farm site in coastal BC. Seaweed farming is experiencing a boom around the world, particularly in northern climates where kelp is the crop of choice. Photo courtesy of Cascadia Seaweed.

Mar. 24, 2023

‘We made a big mistake with monoculture on land. Let’s not make the same mistakes’ in the ocean.

Offshore from Vancouver Island, a team hauls up a line laden with metre-long fronds of sugar kelp (Saccharina latissimi), a floppy, brown seaweed with crinkled edges.

CBC News
Multiple officers were involved in the arrests. Police have not said whether anyone they took into custody are suspected of being involved in the alleged 'swarming'. (Submitted by Jennifer Wickham/Gidim’ten Checkpoint)

Mar. 29, 2023

Five people were arrested at a camp on traditional Wet'suwet'en territory in northwestern B.C. on Wednesday.

Sleydo', a spokesperson for the Gidimt'en checkpoint, said Mounties in multiple police vehicles arrived at the checkpoint around 10:30 a.m. PT, though she was not on site when it happened.

"They immediately began arresting people, as far as we know," Sleydo', also known as Molly Wickham, said in an interview with CBC News. 

Naomi Klein, Andrea Krombein, Zuzana Modrovic, Robert Patterson, Mohammed Rafi Arefin and Geraldine Pratt
The lack of decent, affordable housing makes it harder for tenants to survive extreme weather events. Image via Shutterstock.

Mar. 30, 2023

Two years after the deadly heat dome, urgent action is needed to safeguard BC’s tenants.

Emiko Newman, Eric Doherty
B.C. currently has five new liquefied natural gas projects in play, including LNG Canada. PHOTO BY LNG CANADA /via REUTERS

Mar. 28, 2023

 B.C. is taking valuable steps but the new budget is full of mixed climate signals.

Last week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that future action to curb emissions will become progressively more difficult — and undoubtedly more expensive — with every increment of warming.

Jean Swanson
Vancouver’s Broadway corridor has rentals galore. Will tenants be uprooted and forced from the neighbourhood? Illustration by The Tyee.

Mar. 28, 2023

Vancouver’s city council is dealing with the pace of development at its Wednesday meeting.

Andrew Nikiforuk
The town of Peace River lies 45 kilometres from the epicentre of the largest recorded earthquake in Alberta history, caused by Calgary’s Obsidian Energy Ltd. Photo by awmcphee, Creative Commons licensed.

Mar. 27, 2023

After saying Peace River temblors were natural, AER blames Obsidian Energy, raising big questions.


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