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~~DAWSON CREEK — Anonymous, a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities, says it will use “vengeance if necessary” to seek justice for a man shot dead by police in Dawson Creek Thursday outside a public consultation meeting for the Site C dam.

The Independent Investigations Office of B.C., a police watchdog, said the man had his face covered when he was shot by an RCMP officer. It will not comment on whether he was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, widely used by Anonymous, which claims the victim was one of its own.

Vaughn Palmer

Dissent: Green MLA Andrew Weaver is less reticent, accusing government of ‘selling out the next generation’ through deal with Petronas.
After all the buildup for the special summer session of the legislature, the key debate on the B.C. Liberal government’s controversial liquefied natural gas agreement came and went in short order this week.

Bill 30, the LNG Project Agreements Act, passed second reading, the stage where MLAs debate the merits in principle of a piece of legislation, after just three days on the order paper.

Wade Davis and Thomas Raphael


Wade Davis is an anthropology professor and the BC Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk at the University of British Columbia. Tom Rafael is a retired lawyer. Both live on Bowen Island, at the mouth of Howe Sound.


July 16, 2015

RE:  UBCIC Calls for Two-Year Moratorium on Construction of Proposed Site C Dam and Referral to BC Utilities Commission

Dear Premier Clark, Minister Bennett, and Minister Polak:

We are writing to support the urgent request by Treaty 8 First Nations for a two-year moratorium on construction of the proposed Site C Dam until the end of 2017, and that the proposed project be referred to the BC Utilities Commission for review and consultation.

Government of BC

Bill 30 was introduced into the BC Legislature on July 13, 2015. An explanatory note in the Bill reports that it "authorizes the Minister of Finance to enter into LNG project agreements to indemnify persons from costs incurred as a result of specified legislative or program changes."

Martyn Brown

Babes in the woods. Sitting ducks. Easy prey. Fish in a barrel.

All idioms that apply to those who dare to outbluff Big Oil, convinced that they are too shrewd to get burned and too gifted to get taken. The industry lives for such hapless victims.

Jane Armstrong
Record warm ocean and river temperatures could threaten B.C. salmon numbers, federal fisheries officials say. (CBC)

Record warm ocean temperatures combined with low, unusually warm rivers pose a double threat to B.C. salmon, prompting officials to curtail some fisheries.

​The reduced fisheries are part of a cautious approach to ensure that a healthy number of salmon return to river spawning grounds.

Ocean scientist Ian Perry said two unusual weather factors have dealt simultaneous blows to B.C. salmon numbers; Higher than normal ocean temperatures and warmer and lower river levels.

Caitlyn Vernon
NASA’s Terra satellite acquired this images in the late morning on July 5, 2015. The tan and gray smoke almost completely obscures the Strait of Georgia and southern Vancouver Island. Winds shifted abruptly between July 5 and 6, driving the smoke plume toward the east, dispersing it in some places while fouling the air in areas to the east, such as the Fraser Valley.

Temperatures are soaring, the province is on fire and Premier Christy Clark has called a rare summer sitting of the legislature.

One hopes our government would call an emergency sitting to address the health and economic crisis facing B.C. communities as a result of climate change-induced water shortages and wildfire.

Elizabeth McSheffrey

Photo: Demonstrators took to the land and sea last week to protest the prospect of an LNG plant near Squamish. (Photo by Tim Turner.)

When Christy Clark ran for election in 2013, she promised that developing B.C.’s liquefied natural gas industry would help pay off provincial debt, and in time, generate 100,000 jobs and $1 trillion in economic activity.

Last month, her government announced a rare summer recall of the legislature to pass a law that would enable the province’s first LNG project, a special session that began today.

Union of BC Indian Chiefs


July 10, 2015


Union of BC Indian Chiefs fully supports Assembly of First Nations Emergency Resolution 39/2015, Site C Hydroelectic Dam on the Peace River



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