Robert A. Hackett
BC NDP Premier John Horgan on the campaign trail last year. His political history showed him environmental policy is ‘all about cutting deals, not pursuing ideals,’ concludes one veteran journalist. Photo by Jonathan Hayward, the Canadian Press.

The daunting tale retold of social democrats' dilemma--whether to keep trying to reform what two centuries of evidence shows cannot be reformed or to recognize that the task is to replace the global capitalist socio-economic system before it's too late! And no, I don't think that's going to be simple, which reinforces the urgency. The various scientific deadlines for effective, collective action to counter climate disruption impacts (and other systemic crises) mean we are limited to a half-dozen more electoral cycles.....give or take...

        -- Gene McGuckin

Yves Engler
Jim Harris, Annamie Paul

Oct. 9, 2021

It was quite the performance. Evan Solomon’s response to former Green party leader Jim Harris demonstrates just how enamored the media is with Annamie Paul’s pro-imperialist and capitalist identarian politics.

Tara Olivetree Ehrcke
Activists stage a “die-in” to protest old-growth logging in Vancouver. Photo: Pa-to-ri-ku.
Tara Olivetree Ehrcke analyzes Canada’s recent snap election and why the issues most important to Canadian voters—such as climate change, housing, and Indigenous rights—failed to translate at the ballot box.
 Susan Rosenthal
Suffering from Capitalism

 October 4, 2021  • 

Does capitalism make us crazy? The short answer is YES! Life under capitalist rule is perilous. We can’t survive on our own, and we can’t rely on society to support us. We live with perpetual uncertainty: Can I pay my bills? Will I lose my home, my job? What happens if I’m sick or injured? Add the constant threat of racism, war, and climate change disasters.

Do you feel safe in this world? I don’t. Every morning, I wake up with a sense of dread, thinking, “OMG. I’m still here, and this is still happening.” I am not alone in this.

Gilbert Achcar

A thought-provoking article. Gene McGuckin

Aug. 23, 2021

Solidarity Winnipeg
Solidarity Winnipeg page header

The link below will take you to a very interesting and informative discussion of the recent federal election from the point of view of members of Solidarity Winnipeg, a group which, as the introduction states, is trying to put together an ecosocialist organization. 


                Gene McGuckin

Sept. 21, 2021

A federal election is upon us in the so-called land of Canada. How should radicals understand what’s happening and orient ourselves? Listen to Danielle, David and Robin talk about this.

Robert Pollin
wind and solar energy

[This is the third part of an exchange between Robert Pollin and Don Fitz carried in Green Social ThoughtZNet and Links. The first portion consisted of two articles by Pollin which originally appeared in Truthout and can be read here.


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