Herb Hammond
The Evergreen Alliance - clearcut

Nov. 23, 2022

Dear President Mierau and Council Members, Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP):

By way of this letter, I resign my membership in the ABCFP.

I no longer wish to be part of an organization that alleges to “care for BC’s forest and forest lands,” while remaining silent about the degradation and frequent destruction of natural forest integrity and resilience perpetrated by the vast majority of forestry activities. I will provide examples of these endemic problems below.

Ainslie Cruickshank
When born, fisher are blind, deaf and only partially covered with fine hair. In B.C., they're categorized as "red," which is reserved for "any species or ecosystem that is at risk of being lost," according to the province. Photo: Shutterstock

Nov. 10, 2022

The B.C. NDP campaigned on protecting species at risk. Years later, the province still doesn’t have stand-alone species at risk legislation

‘Huge legal gaps’ are driving B.C. species to extinction, conservation groups say

More than five years ago, during an election campaign that saw the B.C. New Democrats form government, the party committed to enact a stand-alone law to protect species at risk of extinction.

Maya Menezes
Illustration: The Breach

Nov. 17, 2022

Amidst a boom in fossil fuel lobbyist attendance, Canada is doing the bidding of oil and gas companies at the UN summit in Egypt

As delegates walked into the Canada Pavilion at the United Nations climate summit last week, we were met with a shocking surprise: at least eight confirmed oil and gas lobbyists with Canadian-government sponsored badges. 

Stefan Labbé
Drones Replanting Burned Forests?

See video here 

Oct. 22, 2022

With promises to rejuvenate forests from the air, tree-planting start-ups are looking to supplement shovels and long days of labour with swarms of seed-bearing aerial drones. A growing target: B.C.'s burnt forests.

The charred remains of Douglas fir and Lodgepole pine forests once sent their seeds fluttering through the air — often in the belly or beak of a bird — but not like this. 

Charlie Smith
Premier John Horgan has supported fossil-fuel interests throughout his career.

Oct. 20, 2022

He's been a very good friend to the fossil-fuel industry dating back to his time as a senior government staffer in the 1990s.

The B.C. NDP used to have lots of environmentalists.

Let’s not forget that the B.C. NDP created the Agricultural Land Reserve when Dave Barrett was premier.

During these years from 1972 to 1975, there was a doubling of parks and wilderness areas, including the formation of Cypress Provincial Park on the North Shore

Michelle Connolly and Ben Parfitt
Logs piled up awaiting conversion to wood pellets at a factory now owned by multinational Drax Group. Photo from

Oct. 19, 2022

As disaster looms in our old-growth forests, BC needs to address this burning question.

Two respected news organizations have aired recent investigative documentaries showing how trees in B.C.’s drastically over-cut primary forests are chopped down, only to be turned into wood pellets that are burned by the millions of tonnes to make electricity in the United Kingdom.

Lyndsay Duncombe, Harvey Cashore, Lynette Fortune
Pellets from virgin forests fuel the U.K.'s Drax Power Station, backed by politicians and subsidies

Oct. 6, 2022

Pellets from virgin forests fuel the U.K.'s Drax Power Station, backed by politicians and subsidies

From the highway just south of Prince George, B.C., you can see the logs, thousands of them, piled neatly in rows. 

They were cut from trees in old growth and primary forests in the province's Interior.

This timber won't be used to build homes or furniture, or even to make paper. These logs will be ground and compressed into tiny pellets, shipped to Europe and Asia and burned to produce fuel for electricity.


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