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Joe Fassler
The industry is trying to convince everyone … that dietary change has no role in climate strategy. Illustration: Lola Beltran/The Guardian

May 3, 2023

A Masters of Beef Advocacy program teaches ‘scientific sounding’ arguments on cattle’s sustainability in an all-out public relations war

The US beef industry is creating an army of influencers and citizen activists to help amplify a message that will be key to its future success: that you shouldn’t be too worried about the growing attention around the environmental impacts of its production.

Pete Evans
Volkswagen's new battery plant in St. Thomas, Ont., could soon be making up to 1 million batteries a year, which will be used across the company's supply chain, including at this VW plant in Dresden, Germany where a worker is attaching an EV battery to an electric vehicle. (Liesa Johannssen-Koppitz/Bloomberg)

Apr. 22, 2023

Government support for Volkswagen's massive new plant in Ontario is unprecedented

German automaker Volkswagen was in the city of St. Thomas, Ont., this week, announcing details of their plan to build their first electric battery plant in North America, in a move that backers say will super charge Southern Ontario into becoming a key cog in electric vehicle supply chains.

Ian Urquhart
Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said Canada is ‘an encouraging picture of progress’ even though oilsands emissions are record-breaking. Photo by Sean Kilpatrick via The Canadian Press.

Apr. 19, 2023

Climate Minister Steven Guilbeault’s ‘good news’ emissions update revealed a massive failure.

Marc Fawcett-Atkinson
Illustration by Ata Ojani

Apr. 6, 2023

Is ‘renewable’ natural gas a climate solution — or masterful greenwashing?

Each time Tim Crossin turns on his gas fireplace to heat the modest home he shares with his partner, the avowed environmentalist "assuages" his climate guilt with a reminder that he is paying a premium for so-called "renewable" natural gas.

Zahra Khozema
The key target for deep-sea mining in international waters is polymetallic nodules, small rocks containing valuable metals. These nodules take millions of years to form. Photo by NOAA Office of OER, 2019 Southeastern US Deep-sea Exploration

Apr. 18, 2023

In the summer of 2021, the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru gave the International Seabed Authority (ISA), the body that regulates international seabed mining, two years to complete regulations governing the new and contentious deep-sea mining industry.

With the deadline on the horizon, Episode 11 of Hot Politics tackles why some countries and mining companies want to harvest the bottom of the ocean and what impacts that will have on ecosystems that deep.

Primary Author: Compiled by Gaye Taylor
Direct air capture - Climeworks/Facebook

Apr. 4, 2023

It would take more energy than all the world’s houses will consume in 2100 to power a fledgling technology that captures enough carbon dioxide from the air to limit global heating at 1.5°C, according to British multinational oil company Shell.

Julia Conley
A woman takes part in a protest against fracked gas exports on June 15, 2022 in New York. (Photo: John Smith/VIEWpress)

Apr. 12, 2023

"Every LNG terminal that comes online risks locking in decades of avoidable climate pollution and environmental injustice."

Ahead of a planned global summit on the climate and environment in Japan, campaigners on Wednesday urged the Biden administration to resist pressure from Japanese officials to expand public investments in liquefied natural gas, which is derived from fracking and the drilling of oil and gas wells, warning that proponents have wrongly claimed the gas is a "clean" alternative to other fossil fuels.


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