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Dharna Noor
Amid record-shattering warmth this February, BP scaled back an earlier goal of lowering its emissions. Photograph: David McNew/Getty Images

Jul 16, 2023

Energy firms have made record profits by increasing production of oil and gas, far from their promises of rolling back emissions

It was probably the Earth’s hottest week in history earlier this month, following the warmest June on record, and top scientists agree that the planet will get even hotter unless we phase out fossil fuels.

David GellesPhotographs by Erin Schaff Reporting from Puerto Rico.
Missy Sims, a lawyer with Milberg, one of the biggest class-action firms in the world, at a cemetery in Lares, P.R.Credit...Erin Schaff/The New York Times

July 19, 2023

A lawyer started small with a creative tactic. It grew into an effort that could force fossil fuel companies to pay hundreds of billions in damages.

Missy Sims carefully picked her way through a field of ruined tombs in central Puerto Rico, in a cemetery where walls of water from Hurricane Maria had smashed open some coffins and sent others careering into a nearby stream.

Six years later, the burial place in Lares, where more than 1,700 graves were damaged, is still shattered.

John Woodside
Artwork by Ata Ojani / Canada's National Observer

Jul 19, 2023

For decades, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) has represented Big Oil’s interests, wielding a multimillion-dollar budget to set up astroturf campaigns to defend fossil fuels, deploy scores of lobbyists to shape government policy and attack critics. But in recent years, the oilsands majors appear to have become apprehensive about the industry lobby group and are going their own way.

Natasha Bulowski
Pascal Bergeron holds his young son in his arms at Camp de la Rivière, a citizen occupation on a forest road near Gaspé, Que., that leads to the site of the oil company Junex. It was created in August 2017 to demand that drilling work be stopped. Photo by Isabelle Hayeur

April 15, 2022

Quebec became the first jurisdiction in the world Tuesday to explicitly ban oil and gas development in its territory after decades of campaigning by environmental organizations and citizen groups.

"Citizens rallied, citizens regrouped and actually won this fight because it was in their backyards … it would have had major impacts on their way of living on the territory," Émile Boisseau-Bouvier, Équiterre’s climate policy analyst, told Canada’s National Observer.

Kristoffer Tigue
PAGE, ARIZONA - MARCH 27: A view of the Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell on March 27, 2022 in Page, Arizona. As severe drought grips parts of the Western United States, water levels at Lake Powell dropped to their lowest level since the lake was created by the damming the Colorado River in 1963. Lake Powell is currently at 25 percent of capacity, a historic low, and has also lost at least 7 percent of its total capacity. The Colorado River Basin connects Lake Powell and Lake Mead and supplies water to 40 mill

Jul 14, 2023

Decades of research suggests that hydropower has a far greater climate impact than once thought. Now a growing chorus of scientists want to change the conversation about it.

Mark Easter couldn’t help but feel disappointed when he learned about a new study from Stanford University, which drew connections between the ongoing drought in the American West and an increase in U.S. carbon emissions.

Judith Lewis Mernit
‘Around the world, companies are drawing up plans for pyrolysis plants, promising relief from the crushing problem of plastic pollution.’ Photo by Muntaka Chasant licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

July 11, 2023

Proponents claim a new process will cut waste. Critics say it’s a scam.

Bob Powell had spent more than a decade in the energy industry when he turned his attention to the problem of plastic waste. “I’m very passionate about the environment,” he says. To him, the accumulating scourge of irresponsibly discarded plastic ranks high on the list of environmental issues, “right behind global warming and drought.”

Mitchell Beer
Dwayne Reilander/wikimedia commons

Jul 8, 2023

We may soon remember this week’s record-shattering heat as an historic low temperature mark. But that hasn't slowed down the oil and gas spin machine.

What if this week’s series of record-shattering high temperatures turned out to be tomorrow’s record low, the benchmark against which future years and decades of global warming will be measured?

John Clarke
Stop funding fossil fuels

July 9, 2023

With each mile of country that burns in wildfire, this unwavering support for the oil industry is looking more and more deranged. As wildfires spread across Canada, Justin Trudeau sought to showcase his commitment to responsible environmental stewardship. He told reporters that:

Aarón Cantú
CalFire firefighters monitor a backfire during the Mosquito fire in Foresthill in September 2022. Photograph: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Jul 5, 2023

Bills would force large companies that do business in the state to report all emissions and crack down on bogus carbon offset claims

This article was produced by Capital & Main. An extended version is available here.

Carl Meyer
Documents show that as early as December 2021, oil companies in the Pathways Alliance, such as Suncor which operates this open pit oilsands mine near Fort McMurray, Alta., were lobbying the government to consider “flexible and cost-effective” rules for its emissions cap. Photo: Amber Bracken / The Narwhal

July 5, 2023

Through the Pathways Alliance, an organization of some of Canada’s largest oil producers, high-level bureaucrats were asked for long lead times and a ‘flexible, non-regulatory approach’ to usher in a limit on the sector’s air pollution

The Pathways Alliance plastered Toronto streetcars and Vancouver billboards with optimistic messages about its plan to slash pollution and help Canada meet its climate goals. Behind the scenes, the coalition of fossil fuel producers struck a different tone.


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