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[Top photo: Presidential candidate Jan Topic, of the Country Without Fear Coalition, shows his ballot in a referendum on whether the country should ban oil operations in the Amazons during a snap election in Gyayaquil, Ecuador, Sunday, Aug. 20, 2023.  In a historic decision, Ecuadorians voted on Sunday against the oil drilling of Yasuni National Park, which is a protected area in the Amazon the home to two uncontacted tribes and serves as a biodiversity hotspot. (AP Photo/Martin Mejia, File)]

Aug. 21, 2023

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Ecuadorians voted against drilling for oil in a protected area of the Amazon, an important decision that will require the state oil company to end its operations in a region that’s home to isolated tribes and is a hotspot of biodiversity.

Jonathan Cook
A firefighter tackles a wildfire in the Mojave National Preserve, California, on 30 July 2023 (AFP)

Aug. 11, 2023

Neoliberalism's relentless cheerleaders are largely unchallenged in their dangerous belief that capitalism's growth paradigm can be squared with sustainability. It may cost us the Earth

The debate about the climate crisis should have been settled in the early 1990s. And yet, three decades later, the extent, imminence and even existence of a looming catastrophe are still hotly disputed. That is not by accident.

John Woodside
Bob Rae - Illustration by Ata Ojani/Canada's National Observer

Aug. 9, 2023

Weeks after a Canadian company was publicly accused of ignoring concerns about its oil and gas drilling near a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the company’s most senior leadership turned to Global Affairs Canada for help.

Markham Hislop
Petroleum can be used for super strong and light carbon fibre, a material key to technologies we’ll need in a low-emissions economy. Photo via Shutterstock.

Jul. 31, 2023

A Better Use for Alberta’s Oil and Gas - Look to the future. Commit the province’s petroleum to making materials for a post-combustion economy?

[Tyee Editor’s note: This piece is drawn from a recently published version on Markham Hislop’s site Energi Media.]


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