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Emily Fagan
photo: Samuel Engelking via Now Magazine

Aug. 28, 2023

 ‘Many Canadians, especially renters, are closer to homelessness than they might imagine’

Increasingly since the pandemic, in cities across the country, more and more people are choosing to live in a tent, often out of necessity, because they feel unsafe in overcrowded shelters, or they’re turned away because shelters are at capacity.

Encampments have become a regular fixture in parks and sometimes on city streets, as more and more people face rapidly increasing rents and fewer and fewer options.

Zack O’Malley Greenburg
Grist / Al Pereira / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty; David Corio / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty; Scott Gries / Getty; Raymond Boyd / Getty; Getty Images

Aug. 30, 2023

Website editor: Powerful stuff - watch the videos here.

Hina Alam
The McDougall Creek wildfire burns on the mountainside above a lakefront home, in West Kelowna, B.C., on Friday, Aug. 18, 2023. File photo by The Canadian Press/Darryl Dyck

Aug. 25, 2023

Canada's current wildfire season is devastating evidence of the effects of climate change, scientists say, but for some conspiracy theorists, the thousands of square kilometres of burnt ground isn't enough to convince them.

Sam Gindin
UPS workers with signs - Just Contract

 August 24, 2023  

There is a debilitating tendency on the Left to instantly judge bargaining settlements as either sellouts or breakthroughs. But neither the cynicism nor the cheerleading gets us very far in grasping the actual significance of these agreements.

Brandi Morin
Uncle Rico continues to sing and drum as RCMP CIRG officers arrest them at Savage Patch, a camp blockading old growth logging, in Pacheedaht territory near Port Renfrew, British Columbia. All photos by Amber Bracken

Aug. 23, 2023

Inside the fight to save one of the last ancient old growth forests on the planet

Not long past the break of dawn, along a remote road deep in the unceded, forested mountains of southern Vancouver Island, the steady blaring of a conch shell sends a warning through the trees.

A raid is coming.

In the Savage Patch camp, a new front in a years-long struggle over the fate of some of the country’s oldest trees, a small group of forest defenders scurry to pack sleeping bags and douse the fire that kept them warm through the night.

Anticapitalist Resistance
Ecosocialism 2023

Aug. 23, 2023

Appeal proposes conference to discuss strategy and turn theory into action

This appeal was published on August 23 by the British group Anticapitalist Resistance. This is an important initiative, but its success will depend whether it involves a wide range of ecosocialist currents in launching a non-sectarian and action-oriented coalition. 

Anne Shibata Casselman
The aftermath of the White Rock Lake wildfire in B.C. in 2021. (Photograph by Darryl Dyck/CP Images.)

Aug. 10, 2023

This article is long, because it is VERY comprehensive. It's worth getting the full picture of what we are facing. Spread the word.

           - Gene McGuckin

Georgia Kelly
Thorncliffe Park Tenants holding a rally on May 1, 2023. Credit: Thorncliffe Park Tenants

July 26, 2023

Tenants take back power from landlords through strike action

When Mohamad Khalil Aldroubi heard that his landlord would be increasing the rent by up to 5.5 per cent starting last May, he started knocking on his neighbours’ doors. 

Aldroubi’s family has lived at an apartment complex at 71 Thorncliffe Park Dr., Toronto, since 2015. He has five kids. Like him, other tenants at other apartment complexes at 71, 75, and 79 Thorncliffe Park were already struggling to manage previous rate hikes. 


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